Biomutant’s First Patch Aims To Fix Everything

Biomutant had quite a rocky launch but all the issues the community pointed out will be addressed in the first patch.

Biomutant first patch
Image credit: Experiment 101

Biomutant is a highly ambitious game. This is the problem, considering the team behind it isn’t all that big. Nevertheless, the devs had a vision. They tried to realize it but in the end, they bit way more than they could chew. Still, they’re ready to chew for as long as it takes.

Floaty combat, underwhelming sound design, shallow quests, and dialogue. A bunch of things that need more work. Perhaps if the game had more time in the oven it would have turned out amazing. But, it came out as a rather mediocre open-world action RPG.

Yet, the devs are ready to right their wrongs. Biomutant is getting its very first patch sometime soon, and it aims to address everything players didn’t like in the game. Each issue I mentioned, plus a few more, will be resolved:

The narrator was a charming addition for me, but not for many others. So I can understand why they’re introducing options to turn him off completely.

That being said, Biomutant’s future is looking very bright. If the team sticks to listening to the community and improving the game based on their suggestions, Biomutant has what it takes to become a stellar open-world RPG. All the groundwork is there, it just needs some upgrades.

What do you think, can Biomutant reach its full potential? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Biomutant first patch
Image credit: Experiment 101

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  1. Sean DeMarco says

    If they allowed people to somehow skip that bloody long tutorial portion of the game then they fixed things. Also they would need to add more NPCs walking around cities to make the game seem more alive. As the game gets on it gets better but still just too many things to fix I think.

    1. Dante says

      well all of that could be added in the future

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