CDPR Is Now Satisfied With Cyberpunk 2077’s Stability

CDPR CEO Adam Kiciński reached out to TVN24 to comment on Cyberpunk 2077 and its stable state which the company is now proud of.

CDPR Cyberpunk 2077 stable
Image credit: CDPR

I mean, Cyberpunk 2077 did get tons of patches since its release. Is the game still buggy as hell? Possible, I haven’t touched it in a long time but the game’s Reddit is still full of bug and glitch compilations. However, it seems CDPR is proud of this version of Cyberpunk 2077 which is stable in their opinion.

Head on over to TVN24 and translate the page. You’ll come across Adam Kiciński saying:

We have already achieved a satisfactory level in this regard. We have also been working on the overall performance, which we are also quite happy about. Of course, we also removed bugs and glitches (visual defects – ed.) And we will continue to do that

Yet, they’re not done with the game, so don’t jump to conclusions that they’re moving on to other projects. CDPR’s next move is fixing the current systems that players complain about. Is that the lackluster AI, below-average loot progression, janky combat, or a whole other slew of things that are going to be hard to fix?

Cyberpunk 2077 needs a ton of work to become the title everyone expected. But it’s possible, so let’s hope CDPR sticks to it until they fulfill the promise made in 2013.

CDPR Cyberpunk 2077 stable
Image credit: CDPR

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