Chivalry 2 Hosting a Free Open Beta Next Week

Chivalry 2 is having a free open beta next week with PC & console crossplay, new maps, modes, and PC-exclusive Duel Servers.

Chivalry 2 free open beta
Image credit: Torn Banner Studios

Medieval carnage. Blood, guts, crushed bones, eviscerated foes. We’ll all be able to see this bloody spectacle ourselves next week. Since Chivalry 2 is having a free open beta, everyone can join the mayhem and test their sword and shield. What’s a better way to test a title than to jump right in with your friends and try it out together?

What’s more, this open beta features full crossplay between PC and consoles. Devs are also unlocking new maps and modes, extensive customization options, and a special “Duel Servers” feature for PC players. Perfect for cocky, prideful, and intense 1v1 showdowns to see who’s the better fighter. Check out some gameplay in the latest game diary down below:

Up to 64 players can engage in combat. But, there’s also the Team Objective mode where 20v20 strategic skirmishes happen. Chivalry 2’s customization system is also available for us to play around with. Make your armor, weapons, and facial features your pride and joy as you design the most badass medieval warrior possible.

Chivalry 2 starts its free open beta at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET May 27th and ends around the same time on June 1st. Everyone can preload the game a day earlier. Those that wish to play it on their Xbox need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to enter the free beta.

Will you join the free beta? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Chivalry 2 free open beta
Image credit: Torn Banner Studios

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