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Destiny 2 – PC Performance and Built-in Features

Destiny 2 will have a number of useful features for PC players: you can measure the performance of the game and will be able to access a great deal of graphics settings.

Destiny 2 will not support programs such as FRAPS, which is not the best news for PC users, but nothing is lost because some features built into the game can compensate us. It turned out that the beta and final versions of the game will include a counter that will show the frame per second performance of the game. Thus, one of FRAPS’s functions has already been replaced.

In fact, we can limit and stabilize the FPS, and even get rid of the disturbing fluctuations in performance. Those who will be playing on a desktop computer will have another thing to look forward to: the developers will fix a number of bugs found during console beta until the PC testing arrives. So in the PC beta, players will be able to play a more polished and better-stabilized version in exchange for their patience. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the game and don’t miss the approaching beta tests.

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