Devil May Cry 5 Gets New Details Via Director

The Devil May Cry series is one of the more interesting game franchises in history. On one hand, it has some of the tightest action in video game history. It’s revered for its fun combat and frantic fights that are over-the-top in every way. It’s story is rather deep too, and characters like Dante and Vergil have become staples in the video game pantheons. However, the most recent titles, the reboot and DMC 4, haven’t garnered the same amount of praise. So there’s a lot of pressure on Devil May Cry 5.

At E3 2018, after months of leaks and teases saying that the game would be coming out, Devil May Cry 5 finally got its reveal trailer, and reactions were rather mixed. On one hand, gamers were just happy to have the series back, but the hyper-realistic graphics and focus on Nero over Dante didn’t make a lot of people happy. And there wasn’t much explanation over what was going on.

In the latest edition of “Inside Xbox”, director Hideaki Itsuno talked about the game in greater detail, and noted some interesting things about the title. First off, DMC 5 is a full-on sequel to Devil May Cry 4, and the plot itself takes place a few years after that game. Nero is running a demon hunting business out of his van, that we see in the trailer. Also as in the trailer, Nero has a new robotic arm, it’s called the Devil Breaker, and it’s multi-functional.

You’ll actually be able to get your hands on the game at Gamescom in Germany, which arrives on August 25th.

Finally, the director had this to say about the game:

“One last message to fans,” he said as he was signing off the video. “I’m confident that what we’ve made will exceed even your expectations.”

Time will tell if he’s right.

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