Dying Light 2 Will Tie Everything Together

Dying Light was a game that started out as “just another zombie apocalypse title”. But then, something happened, gamers started to realize just how in-depth the game was, to the extent that by the time enhanced versions of the title came out, millions were getting it, or hopping back onto the first game. The title got quite a fanbase, so when Dying Light 2 was announced during E3 2018, they were pumped. Especially when they saw just how big everything was going to be.

Creative Director Adrian Ciszewski talked with VG247 and noted many different things about the game.

“What’s interesting about what we showed at E3 is that neither choice is a ‘good’ one,” opened up Ciszewski about the choices in-game. “The Peacekeepers brutally punish any trivial misdemeanor, while the bandits use people for their own gain, but they have a different approach to punishing people.”

Dying Light 2

Choices will truly help define Dying Light 2:

“You could choose to do nothing and walk away, and that itself is going to have a different outcome, because the bandits are not going to be able to build their empire without your help. Or you could try and actually change those factions’ beliefs. For example, a new leader for the Peacekeepers may fundamentally change their entire legal system.”

But, as with all choices, there are many of them, and all of them will result in different outcomes.

“Of course, what we’ve shown you is just one way this entire scenario could have played out – the protagonist enters the water tower with information about a Peacekeeper emissary. If the player had entered the tower with different information, the whole scenario could’ve taken a completely different course.”

But the question remains, does the game connect to the original?

“There is a stream that runs through Dying Light 2; a common thread that ties together everything that we do. But I don’t want to spell it out. I’d prefer players to experience it at a subconscious level.”

The game arrives next year.



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