Enjoy 9-Minutes Of New Rage 2 Gameplay

Black hole grenades, lots of blood and gore, ground stomps, and more shown in a new Rage 2 video.

Rage 2

Rage 2 looks like Bulletstorm and DOOM had a baby. That baby grew up on heavy metal and violence, and it turned out just fine. The brand new video that showcases 9 minutes of pre-beta gameplay assures us that the shooting in this FPS is fun and gives you lots of options when it comes to tearing apart baddies.

There’s a gun which lets you tag your enemy with strange bullets, and then select a location where the tagged person gets violently drawn to. It’s freaking amazing, and there’s even a black hole grenade that you yourself can use as a jump pad. When it comes to creativity, Rage 2 gives you a lot of options.

Rage 2

The thing I most enjoyed in this gameplay video is how the game gives you a new power and also shows you how to use it in a simulation. You get to know how your powers work and test them on simulated enemies, which is awesome, and something that other shooters of this kind need to do as well.

The other thing that I fell in love with was the shotgun that has the Fus Ro Dah shout from Skyrim implemented in it. It sends a highly concentrated shockwave which lets you knock people off tall buildings. It’s probably the best weapon in the game and it lets you toy with your foes in the most horrible of ways.

Rage 2

The footage also shows some swampy stages of the game where more badass enemies await, we got to see the hoverbike in action (that handles pretty nicely) a guy in a mech suit that dies in a horrible explosion, and more. Rage 2 looks pretty promising, now we just have to wait for May 14th to play the game ourselves!

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