Get The Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass For Free

That’s right, players can earn the Season 8 Battle Pass in Fortnite for free by completing some challenges.


Epic Games were chilling on their battle royale throne since they knew Black Ops 4 and PUBG couldn’t touch Fortnite. Then, out of the blue, Apex Legends came. Everyone knows what happened after that, so now expect every other battle royale do their best to keep up with Respawn’s latest game.

Fortnite is already offering something special, like the Season 8 Battle Pass which can be earned for free. You just have to complete 13 Overtime challenges before February 27th arrives to get it. That’s not difficult, so you should take advantage of this opporutnity to get some Season 8 outfits. You get two right away, and five more can be unlocked.


As you can see, a new weapon also arrived with this patch. It’s the Infantry Rifle, it can be a Common, Uncommon, and Rare weapon, it does a lot of damage when you use it to shoot someone in the head, and it’s a semi-automatic. Two new Limited Time Modes have also appeared, so yeah, Epic Games are pumping out content for Fortnite.

That’s to be expected, since Apex Legends just keeps pulling in more people after each passing day.


Gifting is also back until February 22nd, so check that out as well. What do you think, after the arrival of Apex Legends, will Fortnite manage to keep up and save its position as the battle royale king?

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