GTA Online Introduces The HVY Menacer Weaponized Vehicle

GTA Online has had its fair share of crazy vehicles, but this one takes the cake. Also expect extended double GTA$ and RP in the new Hunting Pack, various discounts, and more.

GTA Online

Dear God, who comes up with these vehicles? Having an armored vehicle isn’t a strange sight to behold, but this thing is on a whole other level. When you get to the later stages of the game in GTA Online, you do need heavier, more resilient wheels. So, why don’t you just buy the HVY Menacer which has a .50 caliber minigun and also front-facing machine guns? Yes, this is a mobile war machine that will mow down anything that gets in your way. It is available at the Warstock Cache & Carry, so if you’re in need of a monster like this one, go and check it out.

GTA Online

Those of you that want to buy themselves a more refined ride can look forward to various discounts on classical cars and even supercars. Enjoy 30% off the Lampadati Michelli GT, Coli Cyclone, and more. That’s not all, you also get 25% off various upgrades and vehicle modifications for this entire week.

GTA Online players that are yet to try the new Hunting Pack (Remix) mode should do so, as they will get double GTA$ and RP. This offer lasts until September 3rd, so hurry up. Also, if you log into the game until September 3rd, you will get the Orange Shade Camo and Blue Tartan Liveries for your HVY Menacer.



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