Help Microsoft Improve Gaming On Windows 10

Microsoft wants their customers to give their ideas that could benefit gaming on the Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft 10

It’s always nice to see these billionaire companies that never acknowledged the fans and their ideas, but in the end, they succumb to just that and then have the audacity to ask us what we want. What do we want out of Microsoft and their OS that would benefit gaming? There are a lot of ideas, and we’re sure you have a fair share yourself.

That’s why there’s something called the Gaming on Windows 10 Idea Drive. It’s designed to help us bring our ideas forth and also vote for the ones that we want to see realized. Even though most ideas on there were presented by Guru Kronos, an Xbox Admin.


Windows 10 had its fair share of problems when it first arrived. It’s not the best OS for gaming (we believe that title still rightfully belongs to Windows 7), but it’s actually great to see that Microsoft is willing to interact with their fans and see what they want. This isn’t usual behavior for this company, since they do have system-exclusive rights on titles like Sea of Thieves, Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, and many others for no good reasonand that makes us a bit suspicious.

But, because gaming on Windows 10 can be pretty nerve-wracking because of how some things work, the users can now give some suggestions by using the Gaming on Windows 10 Idea Drive, which was revealed via Twitter.

Will this affect PC gaming on Microsoft 10 at all? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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