Henry Cavill Explains Geralt of Rivia To Us In New Netflix Witcher Video

Henry Cavill shows just how much he loves the role of Geralt of Rivia in the brand new Netflix Witcher video.

Geralt walking with another man and his trusty horse
Image credit: Netflix

I admit I had some doubts about the Netflix Witcher series. Some screenshots leaked out that showed rather lousy costumes. Geralt’s hair in the first trailers also looked quite horrible, probably because it was a cheap wig. Now, I’m pretty freaking excited about this TV show. I’m incredibly excited to be completely honest. Three new videos were released by Netflix where Geralt’s, Cirilla’s, and Yennefer’s actors talk about the characters they’re playing and explain their personalities, their backgrounds, and so on.

I was absolutely blown away by Cavill as he talked about Geralt of Rivia and how he’s portrayed in the Netflix Witcher show. This man played the games and read the books, and it shows. You want to get a short yet immensely descriptive presentation of Geralt and why he is the way he is? Watch this video. You can see that Henry is absolutely geeking out and I love it. He’s obviously enjoying this role far more than we expected. Add to that the fact that this is a really capable actor and I think we’re going to get a mindblowing performance from this man. However, it’s still Netflix we’re talking about. Even with amazing performances, the show as a whole needs much more than that. So let’s just wait and see for yourselves when the show comes out!

Geralt staring at something in the dark
Image credit: Netflix

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