Immortals Fenyx Rising Free Demo Now Available

The Immortals Fenyx Rising free demo that was exclusive to Google Stadia is now available on the Epic Games store as well.

Immortals Fenyx Rising demo
Image credit: Ubisoft

Immortals Fenyx Rising doesn’t experiment too much. It takes the Breath of the Wild formula and makes it as accessible as possible. While that makes the game rather bland, it’s something that everyone can pick up, play, and enjoy. Anyone that has no idea what Breath of the Wild is will definitely enjoy this game a lot. While the Immortals Fenyx Rising free demo was only available on Google Stadia before, now it’s out on the Epic Games Store.

How many titles have a free demo these days? Not a lot, as it’s a practice that unfortunately died out in the modern age of gaming. Which is a shame, because they’re the perfect thing that lets players test the game for a bit to see if they like it or not. That’s exactly what the Immortals Fenyx Rising demo does. Try a bit of combat, a bit of puzzling, and a bit of exploration. Just enough for you to see if this is your kind of jam or not.

Immortals Fenyx Rising demo
Image credit: Ubisoft

Will you give this free demo a shot or not? If you do, leave your impressions and thoughts in the comments section below!

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