Latest Fortnite Patch Detailed

Epic Games are certainly keeping busy with Fortnite, introducing another update with patch version 1.8.1. This mainly focuses on new features, including the Fortnightmares event which was introduced not so long ago.

Primarily, the biggest change is improvements being made to the voice chat, which will now allow players to mute individuals through the audio tab in the settings. Also, the developer has managed to increase the amount of quest item drop rates, so if that last evasive quest item has been out of reach, you should be within more of a chance from now on.

Among these changes are several other alterations, with a comprehensive set of improvements and bug fixes. Some of these include Slurp Juice now spawning as Floor Loot as well as in chests. Also, on the subject of Slurp Juice, the effect from the pre-game phase to Battle Bus phase has now been fixed. Players’ gliders should no longer appear sideways meanwhile, and the Supply Drop balloons will now take damage if you shoot them from below.

Revives would previously be interrupted if another DBNO player was nearby, and this has now been altered. The camera has been adjusted too, so whilst holding the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher there will no longer be an angle which interferes with players’ crosshairs. Perhaps most importantly, there have been improvements made to the stability of the matchmaking system, which is bound to please fans.

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