Resident Evil Village Fixes Its Anti-Piracy Performance Issues

Capcom released an unexpected Resident Evil Village update that fixes its infamous anti-piracy performance issue.

Resident Evil Village anti-piracy issue
Image credit: Capcom

You know what’s funny? We wouldn’t see this patch if pirates didn’t show that a cracked version of Resident Evil Village ran better than a legit one. Of course, this issue didn’t plague everybody, but some saw horrible performance issues due to Denuvo’s anti-piracy plugin.

It only shows that these anti-piracy measures end up hurting the game more than anything else. Devs need to have faith in their players. If they love their game, they’re going to buy it. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Since pirates are going to pirate nonetheless, and you can’t stop them. Devs just end up hurting their own fans and their experience with the game. Anyway, Capcom wasn’t ready to let the pirates win, so we got a stellar new patch.

Resident Evil Village players shouldn’t experience the anti-piracy-caused performance issue anymore. In addition to that, FidelityFX Super-Resolution from AMD lets you achieve higher frame rates. It’s basically a free FPS boost for everyone.

Yet, will Capcom learn from this mistake and avoid heavy anti-piracy protection in the future? What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments with me in the comments section down below!

Resident Evil Village anti-piracy issue
Image credit: Capcom

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