New Resident Evil Village Trailer Shows More Tall Sexy Vampires

The new Resident Evil Village trailer shows us some spooky castles, child abduction, and more of those tall sexy vampires.

Resident Evil Village sexy vampires
Image credit: Capcom

Capcom made sure Christmas came REALLY early for Resident Evil fans as they dropped a lot of info regarding Resident Evil Village last night. First of all, we finally got some gameplay footage. Looks like Resident Evil 4 in first person, together with Tetris inventory. But, Resident Evil Village has sexy vampires and ugly werewolves instead of cultists. Talking about sexy vampires, we finally have a name for the tall vampire lady with the cool hat. Lady Dimitrescu is her name. She lives in the Dimitrescu Castle with her three hyperviolent daughters. Ones that can turn into a swarm of angry flying bugs, presumably mosquitoes.

We also have a giant werewolf that wields a giant hammer, a fat merchant that sells us weapons called the Duke, puzzles for us to solve, a daughter to find, and so on. Capcom also released a free demo on PS5  called the Maiden. It’s a side story set in this game but during a different time. Not only that, we’re getting RE: Verse, a multiplayer RE game where you can play as heroes or the villains of the RE franchise. See all of this for yourself in the video below:

So, we didn’t just get Resident Evil Village and sexy vampires. The release date has been set. The game comes out on May 7th, 2021. Are you hyped for it or not? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Resident Evil Village sexy vampires
Image credit: Capcom

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