New World Announces Delay And New Content In Dev Update

A recent New World developer update announces a new delay as well as a bunch of new content that’s being added to the game.

New World delay
Image credit: Amazon Game Studios

Troubled development

New World was supposed to release in August of 2020. I’ve covered the game since it was announced, and it went through quite a transformation. Alas, the latest developer update pushes back the release date once more. New World experiences another delay, so the Spring 2021 launch window is moved to August 31st, 2021.

Since the devs working on this game don’t have much experience, development hasn’t gone as smoothly as one might expect from a studio supported by Amazon. But, recent Preview Events provided a lot of player feedback. Most of which is being implemented right now.

New content

So, what is this new content? First things first, let’s see what overall improvements they’ve made to the game:

  • Combat system has been polished and improved
  • More quest variety has been added
  • Weapon and armor variety has been increased
  • Fishing was added
  • New region, Reekwater, was added
  • Crafting system has been overhauled

Ebonscale Reach is a new end-game zone in New World. It features an exiled empress, one that’s building a gigantic corrupted fleet. It’s a threat to the whole world, so it’s up to you and your friends to put a stop to their plans.

Expeditions are five-player instanced adventures. They let you explore the most secret corners of this world. Take on powerful enemies, learn more about Corruption, reveal the ulterior motives of Angry Earth, and discover the true aim of the Lost. Expeditions expand on the game’s lore a lot and provide a challenge to players.

Outpost Rush is a massive 20vs20 PvP battle. It takes place in an ancient river basin full of dangerous ancient technologies and undiscovered sources of Azoth. Your team has to conquer the enemy in order to seize control of strongholds and strategic resources.

The Closed Beta starts on July 20th, 2021, so anyone that pre-ordered New World can play it.

New World delay
Image credit: Amazon Game Studios

What do you think of New World? Will it end up becoming a good MMO or is it doomed to fail as most modern MMOs?

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