Onslaught Expansion Announced For SW: TOR

No one expected SW: TOR to get an expansion, and here we are with Onslaught which is coming in September.


Nearly three years after SW: TOR got released passed us by, so naturally, no one expected an expansion. Everyone was chasing their Star War fix in Battlefront II. Then BioWare pulled a whamy and announced Onslaught, an expansion that will be free for all subscribers. Are you ready to be at the center of a new war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire? Will you help your own faction or will you switch sides and help the enemy by sabotaging your own allies?

Onslaught is bringing two new planets to the mix, a new Flashpoint, a new Operation, and much more. Itemization is getting reworked, the level cap is being increased, and new abilities are also coming. September 2019 is when you can expect the arrival of the new content.


The galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic is screwed up in all kinds of ways. Resources are becoming scarce, piracy and crime are on the rise, and the Sith Empire wants to attack a new Republic shipyard on the Corellia planet. But, since they are impatient bastards, there is strife between the members of the Dark Council as each one of them wants as much war spoils as possible. Republic forces need to summon as many reinforcements from the galaxy as they can if they want to keep Corellia safe.

Looks like the devs want Onslaught to give players a lot of freedom. A new type of gear slot is being added, the Tactical items. These modify your abilities and playstyles directly, so you can use them to explore the depths of playstyles in ways never seen before! What’s even more awesome is that this gear can be acquired through PvE, PvP, Galatic Command, and via Crafting!


Will Onslaught restart the dying heart of SW: TOR? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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