Overwatch Introduces The New Paris Map

Blizzard managed to surprise everyone by announcing a new Overwatch Assault map, Paris, which is now available on the PTR.


Did anyone see this coming? While we were all just sitting here and wondering, dang the Lunar New Year didn’t bring any new content other than cosmetics, Blizzard hit us with this. Bam, a brand new assault map. How hyped are you for this? It’s Paris, at least the Overwatch version of Paris, so we’re expecting some pretty awesome structures and scenery.

This is usually the city of art and romance, but since Overwatch is all about shoothing other players in the face, we won’t be spending too much time falling in love in this city of romance.


The official description of the map mentions the Cabaret Luna where the diva Luna charms people with her stunning voice. The streets fill be filled with artisanal shops, which is what regular Paris looks like as well, at least we think it does. Alleys and corriders will also be featured, and Overwatch players are going to duke it out on the banks of the Seine.

When total domination is achieved, you can go to Maison Marat to “deliver the coup-de-grâce”. Yup, that’s a part of the official description of the map. Blizzard adores really lousy puns.


New Overwatch content is always welcome, and the map is available for testing on the PTR right now! If you check it out, be sure to leave your thoughts and impressions in the comments section down below.

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