Platinum Games’ Wonderful 101 Finally Gets A PC Release Date

After absolutely smashing their Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101, we finally know when the game is releasing on PC!

Wonderful 101 PC
Image credit: Platinum Games

The Wonderful 101 is an exceptionally entertaining, vibrant, and enjoyable game that didn’t find the glory it deserved on the Wii U. I really don’t understand why Platinum Games even made this title a Wii U exclusive, but that changes now. After an amazingly successful Kickstarter, the game is now heading to PC and to console. We won’t have to wait for much longer to give this colorful superhero extravaganza a try on PC, as Platinum Games announced that The Wonderful 101 is coming to PC on May 19 (US) and on May 22 (Europe).

This action-packed isometric superhero title blew everyone away in 2013 when it came out. However, the Wii U isn’t a console that’s popular. It was never that popular, so this gem faded into obscurity rather quickly. Then Platinum Games decided to self-publish and went to Kickstarter. That, as it turns out, was an awesome idea, as the fans gladly helped them bring this title to both PC and console!
Platinum Games are on a hot streak lately, they clearly have a lot of upcoming projects, which is probably what their new website is hinting at.

Wonderful 101 PC
Image credit: Platinum Games

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  1. geometry dash says

    It’s an enjoyable game!

    1. Dante says

      Then I am even more excited to give it a shot once it lands on PC!

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