Project Winter Has Finally Launched

A multiplayer game that is all about underhanded actions and sabotage, Project Winter has finally left its Early Access stage.

Gameplay, Project Winter

Can you survive in the devouring cold wilderness with 8 people? Two of which are traitors that are trying to sabotage you and prevent your escape. It makes for a social game where you have to be good at reading people. Are they acting suspiciously? After all, these two players need to act like the rest until it’s time to take the victory right under their noses. Project Winter has officially launched, after only 3 months spent in the Early Access. Not nearly as much as other titles usually spend.

Gameplay, Project Winter

The two hidden saboteurs can now use the tranquilizer gun and the crossbow. As you can guess, both are silent weapons that can take you down from afar. They are especially useful if someone manages to figure out who you are and decides to share that information with the rest of the players. Stop someone from using text chat, proximity chat, or radio chat when you hit them with a tranq. If two of these players need to work together and they are an insidious threat that needs to be dealt with. The other 6 players need to find out who they are as quickly as possible.

Gameplay, Project Winter

This new release contains a new building, these new weapons, and three new maps. Definitely a game that you should try if you’re into spy things and subterfuge.

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