PUBG Presents The Australia Fire Relief Pan

PUBG is now selling the Australia Fire Relief Pan skin and 100% of the profit is going to communities from Australia that need it.

Australia Fire Relief Pan
Image source: PUBG Corp

Australia has gone through hell these past couples of months. Literal fiery hell, as devastating fires ravaged the land, and destroyed anything that is flammable. PUBG Corp wants to help, and what better way to do so than to sell a skin for a frying pan. I’m not even joking, there’s currently a skin in PUBG for the frying pan whose entire purpose is to donate to the communities across Australia that require help and assistance in these difficult times.

You get a cool skin with two cuddly animals on it. The money you use to buy the skin will directly go to anyone that has been affected by this disaster. Then when you’re beating someone’s face in with this skin you will always remember that your money went to a humane cause. That’s always better than just beating someone to death with a frying pan that has a skin that you bought just because you thought it looked cool. You have until March 18th to buy the Australia Fire Relief Pan skin!

Want to get this skin but you don’t play PUBG? Well now’s the time to fix that! PUBG is available on HRK Game for an excellent price right now, so go pick it up!

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