Sea of Thieves Introduces Reaper’s Marks

The latest Sea of Thieves patch brought quite a lot of new things. You can look forward to clouds filled with murderous skeleton ships, a revamped inventory system for barrels, and the Reaper’s Mark.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a wonderful pirate game that you can enjoy with your friends. Explore some islands, look for hidden treasure, fight sea monsters, and get drunk. Is there a better thing to do in a cartoonish pirate game than to get drunk and sail the vast sea? No there isn’t, at least in our opinion. But, you need content for players that take the game seriously, and so we have skeleton ships. Wait, that doesn’t sound that serious at all! All jokes aside, if you run into a cloud in the game, be sure to avoid it. You definitely don’t want to mess with the things that reside in that cloud.

Sea of Thieves

But, the thing that peaked our interest the most was actually the introduction of the Reaper’s Mark. What does it do exactly? Well, it let’s other players know that your down to party. Placing this mark on your ship makes it visible on the map so that you can invite other players to get drunk together. Or maybe to attract players to a showdown. You can do whichever you prefer. Instead of needing to always look for people to kill, the Reaper’s Mark is a quick way to let everyone know where you are. This will make PvP a lot easier, which a lot of players are going to love.

Sea of Thieves

There are lots of cunning ways that you can use this Reaper’s Mark. We will mostly use it to invite people over to drink and sing with us.

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