Seems Like We’re Getting A New Crysis Game

The official Crysis Twitter account recently became active after years of slumber, so we may get a new Crysis game.

new Crysis game
Image credit: Crytek

Having a nano suit that gives you superhuman agility, super strength, invisibility, and a bunch of other abilities is awesome. Especially when you also get guns and huge open areas to hunt down your enemies. That’s what Crysis was about. A game that came out and impressed everyone with its gorgeous graphical fidelity. However, the following titles didn’t impress as much. Naturally, the interest in the Crysis franchise veined over time. But now maybe be the time for us to strap on nano suits once more.

The Crytek Twitter account hasn’t been active for a while. That changed this April when some cryptic message got tweeted out. Another tweet appeared later on, so there must be some announcement soon. A remake or a sequel. Which is it going to be, I honestly don’t know. But I am always excited when a forgotten game series prepares for a comeback. The first Crysis title was the benchmark used by gamers to see how powerful their rig was. Ah, I sure do miss those days.

All of you that are not familiar with the Crysis games, I have an offer you can’t refuse. The entire Crysis Trilogy is available on HRK Game for an insanely low price!

  1. slitherio says

    There must be some announcement soon. A remake or a sequel.

    1. Dante says

      Still nothing 🙁

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