Stalker 2 Coming To Xbox Series X First

A lot of us thought that Stalker 2 was just a dream but now it’s official and the game is launching for Xbox Series X first.

Stalker 2 Xbox Series X
Image credit: GSC Game World

An enormous open-world. Non-liner storytelling where your choices have short-term consequences and affect the entire world as well. A brand new A.I. that makes the world flow naturally and characters and creatures interact with each other even if you’re not here. That’s everything that Stalker 2 promises to bring to our screens. But, it’s coming to Xbox Series X first, and then for PC.

That sucks, but at least we got a trailer. Unfortunately, even the trailer is cinematic and doesn’t represent what the game’s graphics will look like. Then again, we finally know that Stalker 2 is coming, even though Xbox Series X users get to play it first. One of the best horror-sim-shooter franchises is getting another entry. From the looks of it, this looks like it’s going to be the most ambitious project by the GSC Game World yet. Take a look at the trailer down below:

Anomalies, loneliness, desolate wastelands, bandits, mutants, extremely strange experiments. All the insane shit that we loved about the previous games is coming back better than ever, at least if we’re to trust the developers.

Stalker 2 Xbox Series X
Image credit: GSC Game World

For any poor soul that hasn’t played any of the Stalker games, do not worry, I have you covered. You can get a bundle of all three Stalker games on HRK Game for a disgustingly low price right now! Fans of atmospheric, bone-chilling, and immersive shooters will fall in love with this franchise in the blink of an eye!

  1. run 3 says

    This looks like it’s going to be the most ambitious project.

    1. Dante says

      Let’s just hope it ends up being playable

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