STALKER 2 Uses The Unreal Engine To Make Modding Easier

Seems like Stalker 2 is going to be using the Unreal Engine and one of the reasons as to why is to make modding easier.

Image explaining why Stalker 2 uses the Unreal Engine
Image credit: GSC Game World

Fans of the Stalker franchise are starving. We know that Stalker 2 is coming, but we don’t know when. Probably not anytime soon. But, now we know that Stalker 2 wants modding to be easy and accessible to everyone as its using the Unreal Engine. That’s right, the devs announced that the sequel to one of the best survival games ever is not using the X-Ray engine anymore. While that engine had its perks (brutally terrifying nights in the old Stalker games), it was also buggy. Extremely buggy, and even though modders learned how to use it properly, crashes and bugs were unavoidable.

That’s where Unreal Engine comes into play. This particular engine makes modding extremely easy and accessible. Naturally, some people got worried when this was announced. Does this also mean further involvement with Epic Games, since they’re using their engine? Will Stalker 2 be an Epic Games Store exclusive? The devs say not to worry since this announcement has nothing to do with platforms or digital stores. That will be discussed later.

Art depicting a post-apocalyptic environment
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