Star Wars: Battlefront II Getting Han Solo Season On May16th

The developers of Star Wars: Battlefront II really want their game to have as many connections to the movies as possible. Which is actually understandable, considering that a lot of fans of the actual movie franchise play the game, and regular players are just fine with getting more content. Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming on May 23rd, and so the Han Solo Season is starting on May 16th and it’s lasting throughout the entire month of May. So, what will we be able to visit while the Han Solo Season lasts? Jabba’s Place is open to us, a brand new Hero Showdown Mode will get added, players will be able to try out new appearances that were inspired by Return of the Jedi, and last, but certainly not least, we will be able to try the new Starfight Custom Arcade mode.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

The Starfighter Custom Arcade mode is the place where you’ll get to learn more about all of the Starfighters that can be found in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Take on AI pilots and learn various tricks that will help you outmaneuver other pilots when you get back into normal matches. The Hero Showdown was described in their official post as:

Alongside The Han Solo Season will be the release of a brand new game mode. Hero Showdown is similar to the much-loved Heroes vs Villains Game Mode, but with a brand-new rule set.
In this 2v2 game mode, players will begin the match by picking their Heroes. Should you be defeated you must put all your hope into your teammate and wait until the round is over.
If your team is successful and wins the round, you are unable to use the Heroes that you previously used. However, if your team loses the round you’re free to pick any available Hero, including the ones you’ve just used.
It’s a best out of five situation, so the first to win three rounds will claim victory. Think carefully about your pick, strategy is everything in this mode.

So, are you hyped up for Han Solo Season? It’s bringing quite a lot of content, and most of it is looking really exciting, especially the new Hero Showdown mode.



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