The Decision To Make Metro Exodus A Timed-Exclusive Wasn’t Made By THQ Nordic

Metro Exodus is coming to the Epic Games Store first, and THQ Nordic said that they had no part in the making of this decision.

Metro Exodus

Do people not realize that they aren’t doing fans a favor with stunts like this? They are essentially saying: “Hey if you want to play the game at launch, the Epic Games Store is your only option. Because they gave us a lot of money”. While they say it’s because more money goes to the developers on the Epic Games Store, which is true, they always forget to mention that Epic Games gives them an insane amount of cash to make their title exclusive to that digital distribution platform, which happened now with Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus

THQ Nordic commented on this fact, and said that this decision was entirely made by Koch Media, the owners of the Metro intellectual property. But, they also stated that timed exclusives aren’t ruled out entirely for their future products. However, THQ Nordic then said that they want their customers to be able to choose from which platform they buy their games, and we’re glad they think that.

The Epic Games Store isn’t all that popular amongst gamers, while Steam is an already established platform that everyone uses. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best one at the moment, and Epic Games obviously want to aggressively promote their own platform the best they can. But this is a very bad way of doing something like that.

Metro Exodus

What are your thoughts on these events? Will you be getting Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store, or will you wait until it comes on Steam?

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