The Witcher Already Got A Second Season

Even though The Witcher on Netflix hasn’t even started broadcasting its first season, it got renewed for a second one already.

The Witcher
Image credit: Netflix

A lot of doubt surrounded the Witcher series at first

A lot of us were sceptic when we first heard about The Witcher TV show that Netflix was making. Netflix generally is rather hit-or-miss with its adaptations. Some leaks of the set were also quite horrific when it came to costume design and things like that. We all know how the Death Note movie turned out. But, from the looks of it, Geralt of Rivia won’t disappoint in this show. At least that’s what I thought when I saw the trailer. As long as they do the characters and story well, everything else can just be mediocre as far as I’m concerned. Granted, in both the books and the games, Geralt kills a lot of things. Human things, inhuman things. So, here’s hoping the choreography for the fights is as topnotch as it can get.

The Witcher TV showrunner has ambitious plans

Now, even though the show hasn’t even started airing, the second season has been confirmed. Are the showrunners that confident about this show? It seems they are. Actually, there are plans for seven seasons of The Witcher on Netflix. Naturally, that all depends on how well the first two seasons go once they air. Quite ambitious plans, so now we wait and see. Can they capture the gritty and grim fantasy of the Witcher’s universe on the small screens? Geralt is a mutant that is feared by the people, even though he kills monsters that ordinary humans can’t. For a price of course. The strength of the stories in this universe revolves around the interactions between our monster hunter and the common folk in a lot of cases. The mystic stuff isn’t always the focus.

The Witcher
Image credit: Netflix

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