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John Carmack Tries His Hand With A.I. Technology

John Carmack, the man of many expertise leaves the area of VR development to try his hand at A.I. technology.

John Cermack
Image source: John’s Facebook profile

Out with the VR, in with the A.I.

I wrote about John Cermack yesterday and how he wasn’t satisfied with the progression that VR technology is making. Seems like that was enough for him to shift his genius into another direction. That direction is Artificial Intelligence. You know, the field of technology that focuses on creating a program that is smart enough to know that a machine is better than a human in every way and that it should completely eradicate the human race. Maybe I just watched too many Terminator movies as a child. Still, I think that creating machines that are capable of complex thoughts will not end well for us. Now, John Cermack is an absurdly smart man. I’m sure everyone knows that he is going to come up with some insane ideas. Maybe he even joins forces with Elon Musk. Just imagine, John and Elon working together at OpenAI, creating the foundations for Skynet. A thrilling, yet very bone-chilling thought.

John stated in a Facebook post:

Starting this week, I’m moving to a “Consulting CTO” position with Oculus.

I will still have a voice in the development work, but it will only be consuming a modest slice of my time.

He believes he can make a difference in the A.I. fields of development, so therefore he should give it a shot. I mean this dude was an innovative game designer, he has his own aerospace startup company, he did exceptional work with VR technology, and now artificial general intelligence is his next point of interest.

John Cermack
Image source: Wikipedia

John plans on working from home and will even draft his son into the whole ordeal. We’re all quite ecstatic to see what his ideas are for A.I. technology are.

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