We’re Getting A Witcher Anime Movie

In a completely unexpected turn of events, it turns out we’re getting a Witcher anime movie animated by the Legend of Korra folks.

Witcher anime movie
Netflix’s Witcher
Image credit: Netflix

An animated Witcher movie made by the showrunner of Netflix’s Witcher series and the studio that animated the Legend of Korra? Sounds absolutely amazing if you ask me. Even though the Netflix series has some strange plotlines and strange pacing, it picked up its slack and ended on quite a high note. That’s why a second season has already been confirmed. But, an animated Witcher movie? No one saw that one coming I’m sure of it. I mean, Japanese animation is now mainstream. Animation as a whole used to be a niche, but not anymore. And after the success of Netflix’s Castlevania, a western animated series, we should expect to see more animated goodness.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is the name of this project. Since animation gives a lot of freedom as it can show some outstanding action and gorgeous visuals. Since the Witcher series is full of dark themes and eerie creatures, this movie could pull off a gritty and grim vibe without any trouble. Just the name of the title gives me hope that this animated movie is going to explore Geralt’s traumatic or disturbing experience. Whatever the case may be, this is exciting news for both fans of the TV series and the game. Are you happy that a Witcher anime movie is coming or not? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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