Winter Wonderland Returns To Overwatch

As always, the Winter Wonderland festivities are back once again for all of Overwatch players to enjoy with new skins and game modes.

New Winter Wonderland skin
Image credit: Blizzard

The winter festivities are back once again with new game modes, new skins, and a bunch of other winter holiday-themed cosmetics. Now you must be wondering what kind of playful game modes can we expect from Blizzard? There’s the Snowball Deathmatch. You can tell what it’s about just by its very direct name. Basically it’s a Mei free-for-all where only the last Mei standing gets to be crowned as the winner. Instead of just being able to shoot snowballs, Mei’s gun can now also catch them which prevents damage and adds more icy ammo to your weapon. There’s also the hectic Yeti Hunt where five players in control of Mei face off against one Yeti Winston that is very angry for some reason.

Not interested in that? Then you’re going to love the freebies that Blizzard is throwing your way.  There are three tiers that give better rewards depending on how many wins per week you get:

  • Winning three games per week gives you Icons
  • Six games per week nets you some cool new Sprays
  • Anyone that wins nine games each week gets awesome skins

Naturally, Blizzard also introduced four exceptional Legendary skins. These include Mountain Man McCree, Rime Sigma, Rat King Reaper, and the best one by far, Jotunn Doomfist. Brand new player icons and sprays are also available during the Winter Wonderland event. Overwatch players can enjoy the Winter Wonderland event until January 2nd, 2020. 

New Winter Wonderland skin
Image credit: Blizzard

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