A New Black Ops 4: Blackout Mode Has Been Confirmed By Treyarch

After someone leaked it on a Reddit thread, the Ambush mode for Black Ops 4: Blackout has been confirmed by Treyarch.

Black Ops 4

A lot of people really enjoyed Black Ops 4 and its Blackout mode. It was the most polished battle royale mode out on the market next to Fortnite. Of course, Activision managed to ruined everything when they brought microtransactions into the game when we least expected it.

But, at least Treyarch is working hard to bring us new limited-time Blackout modes. The devs care about the game it seems, and they even confirmed some suspicions about an upcoming Blackout mode called Ambush.

Black Ops 4

Someone managed to spot the brief announcement of this new mode on the Call of Duty companion app, and they posted it on Reddit. Treyarch, naturally, went straight ahead and confirmed that yes, there is a new limited time mode coming to Blackout. What is it all about? Well, as you can probably tell from the name, this mode will be about sneaking around and sniping your enemies.

That’s right, in Ambush you’re only going to have sniper rifles and melee weapons at your disposal. So you can either blast someone from far away, or you can get close and personal with your enemy and cut them down where they stand.

Sounds like a pretty fun new Blackout mode. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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