A Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry?

After the shocking ending of Far Cry 5, it seems like we’re going to get some sort of post-apocalyptic Far Cry game or expansion.

Far Cry

Ok, so everyone was quite surprised by the ending in Far Cry 5. Some in a good way, a lot of others in a bad way. But, maybe that was all a part of a grand scheme. A scheme in which the next Far Cry project ends up being a post-apocalyptic game. Does that make sense? Well, we guess it does, since this teaser shows us that there’s a world after the bomb. And it features one really awesome-looking makeshift weapon.

Far Cry

Joseph Seed blew everything up in Far Cry 5. Was it all to set up an expansion that involves some juicy post-apocalyptic action? Perhaps, and we are still wondering if this is a new game, or an expansion. Some people are even saying that it is a battle royale mode with a post-apocalyptic setting. In all honesty, that wouldn’t surprise us at all, but the best thing to do is wait for the full announcement. The Game Awards begin tomorrow, at 5:30 PM PT or 8:30 PM ET.

Far Cry

Any ideas as to what this announcement may be about? The teaser for this thing, whatever it is, did its job. It teased something, made us excited, but we have no idea what it is exactly. Maybe we’ll get another Fallout 76, but this time done right.

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