Anthem Details Post-Launch Content

The team at Bioware have been working very hard on their latest title, Anthem, for some time. And though it’s without a doubt a big risk for them, it’s always one that they are very proud of. This is a game unlike any they have done before, and they want everyone who plays it to enjoy it. And a key part of that is to make sure that the game has plenty of content both at launch, and after the games release.

On their website, Bioware teased some of the things you’ll be able to get once the first wave of post-launch content comes:

Anthem is designed to be a living, changing world, so that your experience constantly evolves over time.  What you’ll play at launch involves a substantial storyline, but the end of that story is really just the beginning of the ongoing adventures you’ll have in Anthem. We will be continuously supporting Anthem with new content, features, and quality-of-life fixes.  Those will be delivered through a series of updates called “Acts”, which advance Anthem’s storylines through new locations, gameplay features, character interactions, and more.


And the best part is that you won’t have to wait long for the first batch of post-launch content, as it’ll arrive in March!

Act 1 begins in March, and will culminate in a Cataclysm – a world-changing, time-limited event that comes with extreme weather, dangerous new enemies, and new mysteries to solve. What will happen in future Acts? We can’t wait for you to find out!

Other things you can expect from the post-launch content is new Javelins, new difficulties to play the game at, new enemies to fight, and so much more. It’s clear that Bioware is going above and beyond the call here to make sure the game is as big as possible.

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