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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Getting 5 Free Updates This Year

    Middle-Earth has always been a great setting for video games, and many Lord of the Rings titles have come via various developers. But you could argue that the two that fans love the most is Shadow of Mordor and the recent Shadow of War. Aside from being an interesting side-story of the lore of the […] More

  • Star Wars Battlefront II
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    EA Promises To “Fix” Star Wars Battlefront II

    Star Wars Battlefront II is now less than 24 hours away from release, but the “hype” around the game seems to be getting more and more negative. Yesterday, we reported about how it would take over half a year, or $2100, to unlock everything in the game, which made players very angry. Well, EA decided […] More

  • Justice League Injustice 2
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    Injustice 2 Getting Justice League Movie Outfits

    The DC Comics universe is about to get a major event in the form of the Justice League film. Featuring the debut of many characters in live action (or at the very least first time on the big screen), many fans are eagerly awaiting the League’s arrival. But, Warner Bros. is going to capitalize on […] More

  • World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth
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    World Of Warcraft To Ditch Raid Class Sets

    World of Warcraft is going to be going through some big changes in the next year or so. For not only are there going to be servers that are dedicated to the “classic” style of the MMORPG (I.E. the literal beginning of the game), but also, there’s going to be a new expansion coming soon […] More

  • The Support Class Design In Overwatch Needs An Overhaul - hrkgame
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    Why The Support Class Design In Overwatch Needs An Overhaul

    There seems to be an apparent flaw in the support class design of Blizzard’s Overwatch. This has been noticed and voiced as a hot topic of discussion by the gaming community. As per the gamer, AdjN, Blizzard seems to have put very few characters with healing powers in Overwatch. This has led to them being […] More

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    Does Destiny 2 On PC Feel Like A Second Cousin To Consoles?

    As Destiny 2 on PC is going to be released six weeks later than its PS4 and Xbox One versions, there is a discussion among the gaming community as to why Bungie did not favour PC owners. The discussion was raised by fellow gamer Strider Zessei, regarding Bungie’s previously announced intentions to upgrade the Xbox […] More

  • World Of Warcraft, The WOW! Factor - hrkgame
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    World Of Warcraft, The WOW! Factor That Makes It So Popular

    The fascination for World of Warcraft or WoW seems to be increasing over the years. This is evident from the topic of a discussion centred around the game’s all time appeal among the gaming community. It is quite interesting to see gamers recalling the old world charm of World of Warcraft with fondness. This according […] More

  • Junkertown New Overwatch Map Available For Play - hrkgame
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    Junkertown New Overwatch Map Available For Play On The PTR

    Want to experience a new high? Then visit Junkertown in the Australian Outback. The town has plenty for you in terms of adventures and thrills. Get the Junkertown new Overwatch map update on the PTR. The escort map is set in Junkertown situated in the Australian outback. The place is filled with Junkers, a lawless […] More

  • League of Legends
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    League of Legends Ascension Bans Reverted by Riot

    Yesterday, a post popped up on the subreddit for League of Legends complaining about a somewhat unfun and toxic strategy that a team of 5 used for the off and on game mode known as Ascension. The game mode is similar to the game mode in many FPS titles such as Call of Duty’s Capture […] More

  • beyond good and evil 2
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    What Can We Expect From Beyond Good and Evil 2?

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the great surprises of this year’s E3. The game is epic in many ways and holds such freedom for players to enjoy that it is hard to imagine how it could possibly fail. Ubisoft did not want to present the game before, mainly because they needed to be […] More

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