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    Is EA Working On An Open World Star Wars Title?

    The history of Star Wars as a video game franchise is actually one that mimics the movies and books that they were born from. They started out strong, then got pretty murky in the middle, and then bounced back in a big way. And, now unlike The Last Jedi, the last major game, Battlefront II, […] More

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    Dying Light: Bad Blood – Zombie Battle Royale at its Finest

    Last December, Techland announced that Dying Light would be getting an independent add-on to try and conquer the battle royale craze. Contrary to its rivals, Bad Blood only allows six players to enter the island, which serves as a battlefield for the battle royale mode. The gameplay is based on the usual recipe: players are […] More

  • Fortnite
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    Fortnite Made More Money Than PUBG In February

    Rivalries can be very good for gaming. This is why the term “console war” exists, because players love rivalries between developers and publishers. But there’s also rivalries between certain games in certain genres. Call of Duty vs. Battlefield is a great example of this. One that feels more recent, and more important, is the war […] More

  • Batman: The Enemy Within
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    Batman: The Enemy Within Season Finale Gets Two Trailers

    TellTale Games prides itself on its storytelling through its episodic titles. Always claiming that “your decisions will decide the path the story takes”. Usually, this comes down to key moment, key death, and of course, dialogue tree paths. However, for their Batman series, they’re doing something much more. For in the final episode of Batman: […] More

  • PS4 Kaz Hirai
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    PS4 Wins Console Battle For February Says NPD

    Every month matters when it comes to video game sales. For the last thing that developers and publishers want is a decline in video game sales and video game console sales. But also, every month gives an indication as to the interest that gamers have in title both AAA and indie. As such, people look […] More

  • Sea of Thieves
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    Sea Of Thieves Has Stopped New Players From Joining

    There’s a danger to making a game that relies heavily on multiplayer via online servers. Mainly, if the servers aren’t built to handle great numbers, it will crash. This is exactly what’s happening to Sea Of Thieves right now. The game launched yesterday, and apparently, there are so many people trying to play it that the […] More

  • South Park
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    South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC Expansion Arrives

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole surprised many players by being just as good as the previous RPG title in the series The Stick of Truth. Players loved being able to dress up as the South Park versions of superheroes and go “fight crime” in order to get “great chicks and money”. But, if you’re […] More

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