Apex Legends Is Getting A New Character

Apex Legends is spicing things up with its Season 2, and one of the spiciest thing that’s coming is Wattson, a new playable Legend.

Even though the kill time in Apex Legends is obscenely high, players in that game know how to focus one person down in a moments notice. Escaping is hard when 3 people are shooting at you with all kinds of guns, which is why we’re happy to see that the newest Legend is someone that focuses on defense. What kind of defense you may ask? Well, for example, her Tactical Ability is called Perimeter Security. It lets Wattson connect nodes to create powerful electrified fences which will deal damage to your enemies and slow them down. Spark of Genius is her Passive Ability and it makes Ultimate Accelerants fully charge her Ultimate Ability. Also, when you stand near interception pylons your Tactical Ability recharges faster. Now, Interception Pylon is her Ultimate Ability. It lets Wattson place an electrified pylon that can obliterate incoming ordnance in a matter of second, and it also repairs damaged shields. This is her bread-and-butter trick when it comes to saving an ally from the most impossible of situations.

With all of her abilities combined, Wattson is a defensive powerhouse. No matter where you are if you can place an Interception Pylon under fire, you’re going to create a potent barrier that can’t be breached easily.

You should check out the beautifully animated cinematic for this new Legend if you haven’t already. It’s moving, charming, and features an outstanding melody.

While Apex Legends has been slowly dying away, we hope Season 2 revitalizes it with the new ranked mode, the new gun, and Wattson, the Static Defender.

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