Are You Enjoying The New PUBG Map?

What do you think, will PUBG start to recover its active player base now that the new map is here? Maybe, maybe not, but the truth is that the Sanhok map is really fun, and a lot more action-packed than the rest, and the matches end quicker, which is actually a good thing. Alongside the map, PUBG players can now also buy the Event Pass, which is something like a pack of missions that also contain various rewards, and it lasts for four weeks. We already talked about it before and why it’s a good addition to the game.


If you want to read our article about the game’s Event Pass, you can check it out here. Now, for the topic at hand, have you been enjoying the Sanhok map since it got released this Friday? It is definitely what we wanted from a PUBG map, as it is not as big, so the fights are much more frequent and intense, also if you want to enter conflicts right away just drop at the Temple. We are really enjoying this map, and it will definitely become our most played one, as no one really likes a long PUBG match.

People often say that the things we enjoy don’t last for long, and that’s the case with this Sanhok map, which puts all of the fun things of the game first and emphasizes on them.

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