Batman: Arkham Legacy Leaked?

Batman: Arkham Legacy may be a game where we could play as several different and distinct members of the immensely popular Batman family.

Batman: Arkham Legacy
Batman: Arkham Asylum

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Batman. Where is the Caped Crusader hiding you might ask? We have no idea, but maybe New_WabiSabi does. Who’s WabiSabi? A journalist that happens to possess secret information about upcoming games and such. WabiSabi was a step ahead of everyone when he predicted a lot of E3 announcements. With that in mind, a lot of people started valuing his rumors and leaks, with me being one of them. Now he says that the new Batman game is called Batman: Arkham Legacy. Alas, that is not the interesting part. Everyone knew that Warner Bros were brewing a brand new experience for us. Who would have thought that this experience could let us play as different members of the Batfamily?

Batman: Arkham Legacy
Batman: Arkham City

Does it sound too crazy? Not really. After 3 games of playing with The Dark Knight, why not let us play as some of his sidekicks? All of them are incredible characters in their own right. Each possessing impeccable and intensely honed skills. Which is to be expected, as they were trained by ol’ Batsy. Since the Batman Arkham franchise is set during Bruce’s earlier Batman years, expect to see Dick Grayson. Unfortunately, that most likely means that we won’t be seeing Damien, who is my favorite character when it comes to the Batfamily.

Batman: Arkham Legacy
Batman: Arkham Knight

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