Battlefield V Bringing In The Battle Of Hanut

Battlefield V has been doing well since its arrival last year, but EA and DICE know that to keep players interested, especially with all of the competition from games like Black Ops 4 and all the Battle Royale titles, they know they have to keep bringing in big content. And that’s exactly what the goal is for the next Grand Operation, which is set to arrive in the game on February 21st.

Here’s the breakdown of the operation from the team’s blog:

On February 21, a new Grand Operation, the Battle of Hannut, will be added to Battlefield™ V. You’ll start the fight on a revamped Panzerstorm map, battle through the countryside of Arras, and be among the first to experience the return of Rush to Battlefield V – a 64-player version of the classic Battlefield mode. The fresh Grand Operation is inspired by the ferocious mechanized melee that took place during World War 2 at the Battle of Hannut, where the Axis prepared to tear through the city of Hannut in Belgium on a blitzkrieg toward the Netherlands.

Battlefield V

Adding to the fun is a new 64 and 32-person Rush Mode:

Rush in the Battle of Hannut is played on Arras during day 3 and doubles the traditional number of players to 64. The attacking team’s mission is to plant bombs at enemy objectives before the defenders can stop their detonation or deplete their respawn tickets.

In the Battle of Hannut, both Rush veterans and first-timers can expect the tactical play of Rush and moments of large scrambles as a mass of soldiers charge the objective. The 32-player version of Rush will be available as a standalone mode for a limited time starting March 7. You’ll deploy ontheTwisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation maps. But before then — and after — the Battle of Hannut is the only place you can play Rush.

The update arrives tomorrow for the game.

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