Bethesda Confirms, Fallout 76 Isn’t Going Free-to-play

No one actually thought this rumor was true, but Bethesda made sure everyone knew Fallout 76 wouldn’t go free-to-play.

Fallout 76

We don’t know from where this rumor originated, but it quickly spread across the internet. Everyone thought that this would maybe be a good choice by Bethesda, as they ruined Fallout 76 so much that coming back from all of that would be hard. Also, who would pay $60 for a game like this? But, when you think about it, the game is obviously a cash grab that is working right now, so why would the game go free-to-play? There is no sense or logic in that, as it’s clear that Bethesda only wants money.

It seems that this speculation got their attention pretty quickly, and they responded on Twitter.

Fallout 76 has so many problems that we’re still wondering, why are people playing it? The endgame is horrible, there’s an incredible amount of bugs even this late after the launch, and the game just isn’t all that enjoyable.

Still, there are some diehard fans, as the guy that said that he wants his money back on Twitter if the game actually went free-to-play. Our question is, what’s the reason for playing this online survival shooter? People that are fans of the Fallout franchise have nothing to look for here, as the game barely resembles a Fallout title.

Fallout 76

If any of you are playing the game after everything, can you tell us why? What is the reason? Is it because you already spent your money on it so you might as well try to have some fun with it? We guess it isn’t such a bad time if you’re playing with a couple of friends.

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