PUBG: Vikendi Gets A New Weapon, Snowbike, And More

The new map for PUBG, Vikendi, is getting a lot of praise from the players, and now we get some new toys to play with.


As the devs explained, the Vikendi map that recently came to PUBG is perfect for SMGs. That’s we got a brand new one to use called the Bizon. It is exclusive to Vikendi and Erangel, uses 9mm ammunition and holds 53 rounds. Only the muzzle and sight attachments can be put on this weapon

A new attachment was also introduced, called the Canted sight. It’s a brand new scope that has a secondary scope slot which you can switch between. Pressing ALT + Right click toggles between the equipped sights. One can be used for long-range shots and other for medium-range skirmishes.


But, every PUBG is mostly excited about the snowbike which now replaces teh regular motorcyclces on Vikendi. It’s incredibly mobile and swift, much more than the Snowmobile, but it can also be destroyed quicker.

Still, if you want something fast to cut through the snow, this vehicle is perfect for you.


The last new thing that they added was Moonlight, which is going to help you spot enemies much easier during the night when the glowing moon shines its light on the snowy map. There are also pretty aurora borealis in Vikendi as well. You can read more about the gameplay changes here.


PUBG players, what are your thoughts on the Vikendi map? Do you like it so far? Let us know your opinions in the comments section down below!

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