Biomutant Finally Announces A Release Date

Biomutant, the ARPG-adventure game about a mutating ninja cat, finally announces its release date after 6 years of development.


Biomutant release date
Image credit: Experiment 101

Experiment 101 started working on this game in 2015. A long time ago, as you can tell. At one point, Biomutant announced a 2019 release date. But, things never work out as they’re supposed to. Then, radio silence. No news about the game, nothing. The devs were completely silent. Most assumed the game was in development hell. Or, in the worst case, close to being canceled. Which would have been heartbreaking, as this is one of the few games from the last decade that looked wonderfully strange and compelling. Thankfully, the devs made sure to tell everyone that they’re still working on the game.

Then, all of a sudden, a brand new tweet from the game’s Twitter account emerges. Biomutant announced a release date for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, no news about the next-gen versions. It’s normal, after all, Biomutant was supposed to launch before the next-gen was even released to the public.

Insane build options, melee weapons, psychic powers, guns, a detailed crafting system, an interconnected world, multiple fascinating environments, crazy vehicles. Biomutant looks like an RPG that’s going to blow our minds. And it’s all sprinkled with quirky character design and slick action. This is a game you definitely need to keep an eye on. Why? Where else do you get to play a mutant animal that can chop you up with a sword or disintegrate you with psychic powers? Check out the video below to see Biomutant in action for yourself.

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