Biomutant Still Has No Release Date But At Least It’s Not Canceled

The ARPG where you play as a crazy animal that can mutate and fight with swords, Biomutant, is still in development but has no release date.

Biomutant release date
Image credit: Experiment 101

Do you want to play an angry squirrel-like creature that uses swords and guns? And can mutate. Develop new abilities with new body parts and that sort of thing? Then Biomutant is the title for you. An open-world action-RPG with a crazy premise. Robotic limbs? Available. Being able to sprout wings and fly? Also a possibility. I mean, what can you compare this to? Sure, there are open-world ARPGs with strange character progression systems, but can you be an angry squirrel? I mean, isn’t that the selling point?

All jokes aside, we were worried that this bizarre little title was canceled. Why? The Twitter account for the game hasn’t been very active recently. No updates whatsoever since Septembre. Not very encouraging, I know. But, an unexpected tweet came along to cheer us along, saying:

We know that many of you are wondering if the game is still in development. Let us assure you that we’ve never been working harder and more focused on it than now!

We are doing everything we can to make this the best game all of us have ever worked on and that it will be as entertaining and great as we can possibly make it.

Check out the full tweet to say what else they say, like that there’s still no release date. Biomutant and its original release date are two years apart now. 2018 is when we were supposed to play this. It’s 2020 and we still don’t know when it’s coming. Perhaps there are development issues but they keep avoiding it and telling us everything’s fine. Leave your opinions in the comments section down below on what you think is happening!

Biomutant release date
Image credit: Experiment 101

If you’re in a mood for a quirky action-RPG with an open world and crazy setting, I point you towards Nier: Automata. It’s available on HRK Game for an excellent price!

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