Biomutants Reveals Its Stunning Post-Apocalyptic World

Biomutant takes us on a tour through its captivating and colorful post-apocalyptic world in its latest trailer.

Biomutant world
Image credit: Experiment 101

An action RPG in a strange, vibrant world with mutant animals that use guns, knives, and psychic powers. Sometimes even mechs. Sounds pretty freaking awesome and a much-needed breath of fresh air in these times of standard fantasy RPGs and cyberpunk failures. That’s Biomutant, a game from unknown developer Experiment 101, whose first project is this very title.

This title went through some development hell. But, instead of muddling and drowning in despair, the devs pulled through and announced a release date. The flames of excitement swirled around this quirky title once more, and then we got the gameplay trailer. Stylish, frantic, and full of different styles of play. Anything you’d want from an action RPG with mutated animals fighting over a giant strange tree.

Yet, this exotic world of theirs didn’t get much time in the spotlight. That is until this trailer dropped got announced on Twitter:

Overgrown cities, dazzling environments bathed in purple, stunning valleys filled with green. Biomutant offers a world where there are quite a few different areas worthy of a screenshot. However, it only looks all serene and peaceful when there’s not bloody combat going on in the near vicinity.

What do you think, is Biomutant something special? Or will it end up being another buggy and mediocre disappointment that promised much but delivered little? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Biomutant world
Image credit: Experiment 101

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