Celeste Chapter 9 Has Over 100 Levels

The upcoming free DLC for Celeste, Chapter 9 will have over 100 levels, which is way more than anyone expected, even the dev team.

Anyone like crazy platformer games? If the answer is yes, you have probably already heard of Celeste. A brilliant little game that gathered a lot of fans in a short amount of time. Mostly because it has flawless mechanics, an impeccible art style, and superbly made levels. Everything you ever wanted in a platformer today, and more is on the way. We’ve all been hearing news about the game’s upcoming free DLC. It just seems that it won’t be coming soon as the project grew in scope.

New items, new mechanics, and over 100 levels are coming with Chapter 9, Matt Thorson confirmed on Twitter. The base game has 700 levels, so this DLC is bringing a lot of content. Much more than the dev team even expected. That’s why there’s still no release date for Chapter 9. Their hands are probably full with all the testing needed for all the new content.

Players are really excited to get even more Celeste action. Platformers like this one are addicting as hell, so naturally, when you finish everything in it you want more. But, good things can’t come quickly, so Matt wants us to wait patiently until they’re ready to give us a release date.

Celeste is probably one of the best games that 2018 has to offer, which is easy to notice when you see its User Reviews on Steam. Definitely a title that any fans of the platforming genre need to try out.

Have you played Celeste yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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