Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Introduces The Ottomans

If you’re looking for a new warmongering civ, Civilization VI: The Gathering Storm is bringing the Ottomans.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

It appears that the big onion hat that Suleiman wore in Civilization V won’t be featured in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, which is quite a shame. Everybody loved seeing that hat when Suleiman declared war on your civ. Doesn’t matter, as we’re still getting one of the most powerful military-centric civilizations yet, capable of great destruction and fast expansion.

The Ottoman Empire has many great tools at its disposal, as we saw in the latest video. One of them is Suleiman’s unique ability, Grand Vizir, which lets him use a new governor named Ibrahim. Ibrahim is the only governor in the game that can be established in another civilization, and he’s used to subdue the cities that you’re going to conquer.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

You won’t ever run out of funds during your war campaigns thanks to the unique Ottoman building, the Grand Bazaar. This building replaces the Bank in commercial hubs and it gives Suleiman more amenities and strategic resources.

Natural disasters will be the least of your worries when Suleiman deploys his Janissary and his Barbary Corsairs. The Janissary are a replacement for the Musketman, and they are much stronger and cheaper to build. They start with a free promotion but also require a population point from the city in which they are trained, unless you train them in conquered cities. As you can see, conquer and expand, that is the neverending cycle in the Ottoman empire.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Players that choose the Ottomans also have the Barbary Corsair, a unique replacement for the Privateer. This unit is exceptionally powerful when performing coastal raids because that action does not use a movement point at all.

Pair all of this with the Great Turkish Bombard unique ability that lets them create siege units faster than other civs, and the fact that conquered cities don’t lose any population. Oh yeah, conquerd cities will also gain amenity and loyalty bonuses while the Ottoman empire controls them.

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