CONV/RGENCE Is A LoL Platformer With Ekko

CONV/RGENCE is a newly announced platformer set in the same universe as LoL that features Ekko and his time-traveling shenanigans.

Ekko standing in front of a building that's about to explode
Image credit: Riot Forge

Riot Games announced a whole lot of new games this year. Most of these announcements occurred during the game’s 10 year anniversary. But, now two new ones were announced. One of them is this one. CONV/RGENCE is a single-player action-platformer that Double Stallion Games is developing. It follows the adventures of Ekko that’s going to explore the undercity district of Piltover, Zaun. This is a place where crazy scientists and cutthroat weapons dealers thrive. Quite a fun and interesting place from which many interesting LoL characters come from, Ekko being one of them.

Since Zaun is a place where insane experimentation is welcome, it’s the place where Ekko made his time-manipulation device. Ekko, being a charming and brilliant idiot that he is, uses this new toy a lot. But, you shouldn’t mess with time. And the game will show the consequences that come with this incredible power. I know that going back in time will be integrated into the game’s gameplay formula. I just want them to do it in an interesting and new way. Since many games today feature time travel, even platformers. Hopefully, Double Stallion Games come up with some new ideas.

The city of Ziaun
Image credit: Riot Forge

Another brilliant and rather spectacular game that features time travel is Katana ZERO, which you can pick up on HRK Game for a great price right now! No need to wait, experiment with time travel in this stylish action adventure!

What do you think of CONV/RGENCE and its LoL setting together with Ekko as the main character? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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