Darksides Genesis Reveals Its Top-Down Gameplay

Darksiders Genesis reveals its top-down action gameplay where the center stage is shared by two horsemen, Strife, and War.

Strife from Darksiders Genesis
Image credit: THQ Nordic

Darksiders Genesis goes with a new gameplay formula

As soon as I saw the IGN gameplay of Darksiders Genesis, I was hooked. A top-down action-adventure game with a brooding and menacing bulky warrior that’s accompanied by a snarky and charismatic gunslinger? In a Darksiders setting with hellish demons, mythical environments, and lots of carnage? What’s not to love? It’s just a shame that this isn’t Strife’s own adventure. From what little I saw and heard of him, he’s already my favorite horseman. He reminds me of a more mellow version of Deadpool, but it works incredibly well in contrast to War’s serious and grime attitude.

War from Darksiders Genesis
Image credit: THQ Nordic

Strife and War have good chemistry and completely different playstyles

The gameplay is your standard top-down action affair. Kill enemies, collect all sorts of shiny bulbs, get upgrades, repeat. Nothing too experimental, but it looks like a lot of fun. Strife is fast and agile, dual-wielding pistols and scimitars, while War splits enemies apart with his big sword attacks. There’s some platforming along the way, and you can ride horses. That’s especially fun with Strife as he can shoot while still on the horse. This guy is also incredibly sarcastic. Calling the demon overlord Samael Sammy. Saying all demons look the same, then apologizing because that was insensitive. I freaking love it.

All in all, Darksiders Genesis and its top-down action gameplay looks like a lot of fun. The only thing I didn’t like was the camera. Somehow, I wanted the player to zoom in at least a little bit. Everything just looked super small most of the time. But that’s just a minor complaint.

Demon boss from Darksiders Genesis
Image credit: THQ Nordic

Darksiders Genesis is coming to PC and Stadia in December. Console users can play it in February 2020. You can pre-order the PC version of the game on HRK Game right now! We all have all of the previous Darksiders titles available for a great price!

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