Diablo 4 Shows Its Complex Character Customization System

In the latest Diablo 4 blog the devs take us on a tour that shows the game’s complex character customization system.

Diablo 4 character customization
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard introduces something new to the Diablo franchise

Diablo 4 is going the right way. That is to say, Blizzard knows they messed up with Diablo 3, so now they’re listening to their community. Which is why I get to cover this game a whole lot. I’m not complaining though, as it seems Blizzard wants to make Diablo 4 a brooding and brutal ARPG with depth and satisfying combat.

But, now we get to talk about something else. Diablo 4 is the first Diablo game to have a character customization system. I’m not talking about items, abilities, and such. We’re talking about style and looks.

After their team put a horrendous amount of technical work in, the Diablo franchise finally got its own robust character customization system. Everything from componentized armor sets, different body types, and distinct classes receives a crazy amount of improvement when it comes to the level of detail.

We can now change our character’s:

  • Face
  • Hairstyle
  • Facial hair like beards and eyebrows
  • Jewelry (nose piercings or earrings)
  • Makeup
  • Body markings (tattoos and body paint)
  • Color of skin, eyes, hair, paint

We’ll be seeing our unique characters up-close

But that’s not where the cool stuff ends my friends. Because their character art development pipeline is thoroughly oiled up, they’re able to render story cutscenes in the engine with our game models. Diablo 4 will still have pre-rendered cinematic moments that make you drool. However, this time we also get to see our own characters during some scenes.

The dye system gets a complex upgrade as well. Changing the color palette of armor pieces lets you shift from gold to silver, from green cloth to red cloth, and so on. While each class retains its unique visual identity, my Rogue will definitely look cooler than yours.

You can also make each part of your armor different. The helmet can be black, the chest red, gloves green, and make the boots yellow. The Diablo 4 character customization system lets you come up with the craziest combinations, completely unique to you.

What do you think of this character customization system? Is it a cool new addition or something the Diablo franchise didn’t need at all? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Diablo 4 character customization
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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