Bioware Won’t Show Dragon Age 4 at EA Play

Even though it’s been quite a while since BioWare showed Dragon Age 4 it seems we won’t be seeing their newest RPG at EA Play.

Dragon Age 4 EA Play
Image credit: BioWare

Remember way back in the day when we didn’t think we’d ever get a new Dragon Age? After BioWare released Mass Effect: Andromeda, I lost all fate. I mean you can’t blame me, that game was a disaster. A complete and utter failure that stained BioWare’s great track record when it comes to RPGs.

That’s when Dragon Age 4 came into reality. Well, the game was already in production but we finally saw a solid announcement. The Dread Wolf Rises. Don’t lie to me and say that title didn’t send shivers down your spine.

Even though I hated Inquisition and Dragon Age 2 was a disappointment, Dragon Age: Origins is my favorite game. An RPG like no other, combining a dark atmosphere, a cliche storyline that still manages to come up with original twists, godly character writing, witty and snappy dialogue, and a lot more. I’m able to talk about that game until tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to praise it enough.

However, while Dragon Age 4 won’t be anything like Origins it’s a shame we won’t see it at all during EA Play. Dragon Age fans need something to base their hopes on. One tiny speck of gameplay or anything that tells us more about the game.

BioWare, you know we expect a lot from you. Most of your latest releases are lackluster, games without a soul. We need you to bring back your passion and love and stuff it into your titles. Are we expecting too much? What do you as fellow Dragon Age fans think?

Dragon Age 4 EA Play
Image credit: BioWare

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